Now that the lazy, hazy days of summer are here, I love experimenting with new recipes featuring seasonal fresh fruit. I’ve always lived by the in moderation view of dessert, and have more of a salt tooth than a sweet tooth. So I don’t eat dessert often—but when I do, I want it to be delicious.

Why not try some new summertime desserts made with barley? In this Barley Balance, I’m sharing with you three great desserts. One is made with whole barley and the other two are made with barley flour. These summer-friendly desserts make it easy to eat and entertain seasonally at your next backyard BBQ, on the patio or at a picnic in the park.

First up is Raspberry Rhubarb Cobbler! This delicious dessert uses barley flour (found at Bulk Barn, Safeway and other grocery stores) and makes six servings. I like the combination of raspberry and rhubarb, however you can be creative and experiment with other seasonal fruit such as strawberries, peaches or blueberries. When you have friends over on the patio serve this dessert with iced tea, or enjoy it at your family or neighbourhood BBQ.

Next in the dessert line up is Pineapple Barley Mousse. Even though the recipe calls for crushed pineapple, you can switch it up with crushed cherries or peaches. Add your own personal touch when you garnish it with fresh seasonal fruit. Using two cups of barley will give it an extra fibre kick in a dessert that’s usually fibre free. This is a perfect dessert when you need individual serving dishes (12), perhaps at your next summertime potluck or office party.

I’m leaving the best for last: my favourite Prairie-Streusel Topped Cake. This scrumptious dessert combines four cups of the nutrient-packed Saskatoon ‘super’ berries and one cup of sliced rhubarb. If you don’t live in the Canadian prairies, you may not have access to Saskatoon berries. In that case, you could use blueberries instead. To add more nutrients to this cake, 1½ cups of whole barley flour is used. I recommend serving the cake warm with your favourite ice cream and coffee or tea.

How fun to celebrate summer with these three barley and fruit desserts. They’re perfect for entertaining with friends and family. Now, let me know what your favourite summertime dessert is made with barley and fruit!