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  • barleybeans2

    Barley Gallo Pinto

    Gallo Pinto means painted rooster in Spanish, and is a traditional dish in Costa Rica. In this recipe, barley replaces white rice for a colourful, fibre-rich substitute for breakfast hash browns or as a side dish for poultry or fish. Read more

  • Peppers

    Vegetable, Bean and Barley Stuffed Peppers

    Choose peppers with a square shape that sit level. If a pepper isn’t level, trim a small amount off the bottom without cutting through to the inside. Read more

  • Tortillas

    Barley Flour Tortillas

    These flour tortillas are easy to make. They’re soft, slightly chewy and perfect for rolling up around fillings. Read more

  • gumbo2

    Barley, Lentil and Turkey Gumbo

    There are a few steps to preparing the seasoned oil-and-flour roux that thickens this gumbo, but the unique, smoky flavour of roasted spices and barley is worth the effort. Substitute chicken for the turkey, if preferred. Read more

Go Barley:

Modern Recipes for an Ancient Grain

A new take on an ancient grain, Go Barley is a revolutionary cookbook that includes more than 100 healthy, delicious, and easy-to-follow recipes, accompanied by mouthwatering color photographs.

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